Tropical Rainforest Retreat in El Arish

The funny thing about Far North Queensland is that people live in the most amazing places and you’d never know they were there. It’s so easy to disregard a road because it looks like it’ll lead you nowhere or skip a dirt lane because it’ll get your car dirty. But when you do this, you miss out on many well-kept secrets. If I’ve learned anything, it’s to expect the unexpected.

Wildlife carers Mark and Sissy of El Arish asked if I could look after their place while they were away for a few days. It wasn’t a problem, especially since they only had two cats and one injured joey in care. Mark was still putting the finishing touches on their pre-release area, which would include a large sheltered area and a huge fenced paddock, so they didn’t have any animals outside yet.

Their place was located down a dirt lane that turned off a main road. The farther you drove away from the highway, the more the rainforest engulfed you. There were many trees and bushes surrounding their property that it was quite easy to miss the turn into their house. They had roundabout driveway that took you through a large garden.

This would be a great pre-release site once everything was set up. They even had a mob of wild wallabies who traipsed through their land and stopped for a good feed every now and again. It was promising that they would most likely accept any new wallabies that came out of this site.

I had a nice time while I was in El Arish. I didn’t have a vehicle and was stuck there for the few days I was pet sitting, but that didn’t bother me at all. It was a tropical retreat from the world and a terrific way to live.


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