Haven for Wildlife

Bruce’s property not only houses domesticated animals, but it is a paradise for wild ones too. From spiders to agile wallabies to weirdly colored grasshopper-like animals, you can find them all in his extra-large garden. The only animals that are hopefully not there are snakes because he’s installed several snake repellents around his property after losing a couple of chooks.

Despite working with agile wallabies for some time now, it still delights me to see them in the wild. They aren’t as visible in Bingil Bay as they are in South Mission Beach, but they’re around. In Bruce’s case, they seem to stick close to his property even though they’re free to roam as they wish. I guess they know a good thing when they’ve found one.

His property is large enough to act as a pre-release site for most adult wallabies that come to the shelter without severe injuries. It is fully fenced to keep away wandering dogs, but it allows the wallabies to come and go as they please. Even with Bronson around, the wallabies are happy to frolic in the trees and shrubs. Bronson’s an old boy and doesn’t have much energy left to chase anything. Plus, he’s already living in a zoo with the guinea fowl and chickens wandering about so a few more animals makes no difference to him.



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2 responses to “Haven for Wildlife

  1. It’s such a refreshing part of my day to view your pictures and read your posts. Thank you!

  2. Aw, thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

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