Mission Beach Water Taxi Tour

I guess being from Hawaii, I’m a bit blasé when it comes to sun, sand and sea. I mean, Australia truly does have some amazing beaches, but my excitement never reaches the levels of travelers from the UK or Europe. For them, the beach is a special, wondrous place only accessible to them when they’re on holiday. For me, the beach is a constant companion who I know will always be there for me even if I don’t visit for months and months.

But when Nicole invited me to be her plus one for a famil on the water taxi out to Bedarra Island, I jumped at the opportunity. Despite living in South Mission Beach for a while now, I haven’t really set foot on the sand or in the water. Just like at home, I know it’s there but never really get around to it.

When we arrived at the office of Mission Beach Water Taxi, they told us that we could pick up any snorkeling and swimming gear and head over to board the boat. I had assumed we were getting a free transfer on the taxi, but it turned out we were in for Fozzy’s Three Hour, Three Island Tour. Hopefully, it wouldn’t turn into three-hour tour like Gilligan’s.

But, we were lucky and it was a beautiful sunny day to discover the Family Group of islands. We settled into the taxi boat, and Fozzy regaled us with a bit of local history and Aussie humor about Timana, Kumboola, Bedarra and Dunk islands. It turns out that many famous people own or have owned homes on some of these islands. One of the islands even served as an artists’ retreat for years. I guess creative types would naturally be attracted to the wild beauty and isolation of these islands.

After the tour, we docked at a secret spot and had more than an hour to ourselves. Some people took the time to snorkel while others lounged on the beach. Nicole and I took a walk to the end of the beach and back. Even loaded up with sunblock, the heat and sun in Australia is intense and after a few minutes it feels like you’re nice and crispy.

I had a great time with Nicole, and it was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. The ride back to Wongaling loaded up the taxi as we stopped by Dunk Island and picked up the families of day trippers. Life in Australia doesn’t get better than this.


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