Mustang Sally at Kurrimine Beach

Have you ever had one of those days when you just felt like a rock star? Today was that day because I got to ride in a classic Mustang!

Bruce, Karlie and Sam invited Tanya and I out to lunch. When they arrived, Bruce was in his red Ford Mustang and Sam and Karlie were in Sam’s MG. I don’t know if Bruce names his cars, but to me this was definitely Mustang Sally. Sweet!

The drive to Kurrimine Beach was scenic and pretty. It was a nice day for a drive and made me think about how 1950s Americans enjoyed their road trips. This was definitely farther than I’d been from the shelter in a long time, so it was nice to kick back and relax.

We got to Kings Reef Hotel, which is right on the beach, and went in to order our food at the pub. When we were looking for tables outside, we noticed several guys boldly admiring Bruce’s car. They’d walk around it and peek into the windows. I’m surprised they weren’t drooling all over themselves . . . or Sally!

After lunch, with our bellies full, we made the drive back south to Mission Beach. We couldn’t leave the joeys for too long or else they’d miss their feeding, but it was still nice to get out for a while. Look at us . . . living like the rock stars of the wildlife caring world!


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