All Dressed Up with Someplace to Go

Like I mentioned before, Mission Beach doesn’t offer a lot in terms of nightlife, so when the opportunity arises, you have to jump at it. Millers Beach Bar & Grill hired Sam’s band to play a few nights, so we dolled ourselves up and went out to support the guys.

I gotta admit that this was one of the few times I actually bothered to wear make up while in Mission Beach and probably the only time I actually wore a dress (or dressed up for that matter). I mean, what’s the use? On regular days, I didn’t really leave the shelter so no one saw me except for the joeys. And if it was just a quick trip to the grocery store, a t-shirt and shorts would do. Anyway, it was nice to fancy ourselves up a bit, even if it was just for the night.

I walked over to Karlie’s place and shortly afterward Wendy arrived, but Nicole and Tanya couldn’t make it. We all caught the courtesy shuttle that Millers, which I think is a great service that more bars and restaurants should have. It helps people avoid drunk driving and paying taxi fare.

Once we got to Millers, we met up with Karen, Sam’s partner. She’s also the mum of the amazing kids who have rescued so many injured wallabies. Sam, Adam and Bingil Bay Sam were already doing their thing on stage even though the crowd was pretty small. More people arrived as the night wore on, but this definitely wasn’t a huge venue. We chatted while waiting for our drinks and food to arrive. Bruce, a wildlife carer and friend of Bingil Bay Sam, also stopped by for some grub.

Meanwhile, the band played on. They played a variety of stuff, most of which I didn’t know but I was told they were Aussie classics. Karen, who’s English, said she didn’t know them either until the guys started practicing. But, they did sing some Hootie and the Blowfish and Poison, so it wasn’t a total loss for me.

It was a good few hours of entertainment. Laughs and conversation flowed along with drinks. I think we all had a great time. Bruce was nice enough to give the girls and I a ride home. On the way back, there were heaps of wallabies on the road – mostly alive. We took it slow so as not to hit any.


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