No Bromance between Byron and Cody

Byron is a new wallaroo who only stayed at the shelter for a short time. Another wildlife carer raised him, and he came to us to start a bromance with Cody, our resident wallaroo. Both boys were getting bigger and required more space to stretch their legs. The plan was to introduce the boys and hope they became friends so the transition to a new home (a pre-release site) wouldn’t be as traumatic as going it alone. Unfortunately, wallaroos being wallaroos, a bromance didn’t really develop.

When Byron arrived, Cody wouldn’t even acknowledge his presence. He wasn’t curious to investigate the new arrival and refused to even look at him. Sometimes, Cody even left the room when Byron entered or tried to approach him. Poor Byron! It was a good thing there were others around to make him feel welcome, like Elliot, an eastern grey kangaroo, and several agile wallabies.

Once Byron adjusted to life at the shelter, he made it his home. Not at all timid when it came to food, Byron was always interested in getting a bottle and would nose his way into the food dish and stand in it so no one else could eat. It made us laugh just watching the interaction between all of them.

By the time Tanya arranged a pre-release site for Byron and Cody, the two boys were a bit more comfortable together. It wasn’t the bromance we hoped for, but at least Cody was accepting of the other male. There were other wallaroos at the pre-release location, and we hoped they would welcome Byron and Cody with open arms.


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