Date Night at Millers

Night life in Mission Beach is pretty dead, but that’s why most people come up here. They escape the cities for the laid back lifestyle that the Beach offers. But every once in a while, if you’re lucky, you can manage to wrangle yourself a decent date.

On one of these rare occasions, Karlie invited me out on a double date to Millers Beach Bar & Grill. She said they had some good pizzas and that was enough to convince me. Turns out our double date was a two-for-one, as in one date for the both of us. Keater, Karlie’s youngest son, was a little gentleman and the perfect date. Sweet and a bit shy, he could melt any girl’s heart. Too bad he’s just a few decades too young. Haha!

The three of us had a great time and totally devoured the pizza. Over to the side, a live band played mellow, folksy songs. I didn’t recognize any of them, but that’s not saying much because they could’ve been playing Aussie classics and I wouldn’t even know.

Before long, we had to head home. After all, someone had school the next morning. I had a good time though and enjoyed the company. It was nice to get away from the shelter for a while and talk about things that didn’t involve wallabies. Somehow, it’s so easy to forget that there are other things in life when you’re living with them every day.


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  1. Ray Scafidi

    Great review;
    ,Mission is home i have 3 acres near beach,unique property.Im at sydneys cronulla beach and the area is overcrowded, traffic to the limit.N unusual people definitely not beach types.Mission is 1000 kms/600miles in to the tropics.Hawaii on the tropics Glad you enjoyed yourself.Enjoy your trip in Australia bye Ray conch st m.bch

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