Wallaby Love

They say you should create a pseudo-mob when you care for young macropods. This simulates the family unit they belong to in the wild. When I first arrived at the shelter, Stuart, Zoe and Matilda were as thick as thieves. They were bonding and would hopefully be transferred to pre-release together.

The relationship between the three agile wallabies was interesting to watch. Stuey was the largest in size, but Matilda definitely ruled the mob. Her personality outshined all the others despite her diminutive size. Zoe, Miss Independent, was quite content to do her own thing.

All three were wonderful, but my heart melted for Stuart. He had the kindest eyes and was so gentle to everyone. And, he was totally in love with Matilda. His was the kind of love about which poets write and musicians sing. It was an undying, all-consuming emotion that poured from his wee heart.

Of course, Matilda didn’t care one way or the other. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that she toyed with the poor dear just for the fun of it. Some days I’d watch Stuey hop around the shelter while crying out for her. He seemed so distraught to have lost his love.

Sometimes I’d try to console him by putting him inside a pouch and giving him a snuggle. But, usually this didn’t distract him from his goal. He’d wiggle around until I finally put him down, and then he’d start his search all over again. It wouldn’t end until he found his beloved Tilly.

What must it be like to have the love and affection of someone willing to search to the ends of the world (or at least the world as they know it) to find you? And what must it be like to hold all the power to make or break someone’s heart? It was fascinating to watch their interaction.

And, no matter what Matilda did to Stuart, no matter how often she hid or ran away, he never gave up on her. I truly believe he’d live and die for her. Now, if only everyone could find a love like this, I’m sure we’d all live in a much happier place.


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