Cody: Jason Statham of the Macropod World

If Cody were a human, I reckon he would be comparable to the likes of Jason Statham – not overly tall but athletic with a muscular build, good-looking in a roguish way, capable of love but not overly sappy.

The wallaroo is one of my favorite mates at the shelter. He is a type of macropod that fall between a wallaby and kangaroo in size and build. While the wallaby is short and stocky and the kangaroo is tall and slim, the wallaroo beautifully combines these traits in a dark grey coat with black and brown tipped ears.

Like most wallaroos, Cody is pretty independent despite being young. I’m told wallaroos do not congregate in mobs like a wallaby or kangaroo. Instead, they prefer to explore their rocky, mountainous domains alone. Cody is definitely showing signs of this as he roams the shelter and grazes on the lawn more and more independently.

What I love about Cody is that despite this instinct to be a loner, he is capable of showing so much affection. When he’s in a loving mood, he’ll lick and clean you to show he cares. Nothing says love like trying to clean off bush lice and ticks, or at least that’s what Cody thinks he’s doing. He’ll even reach up with his two little paws to grab you if you’re not paying attention, as if to say, “C’mere, I’m ready to love you.”

Of course, these simply my opinions about Cody and Statham. I’ve extrapolated Statham’s qualities from all the movie roles he’s played. For all I know, he could be the next Cary Grant . . . and Cody could be keen to join up with a mob in the flatlands . . . but I highly doubt it.


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