Bingil Bay BBQ

Barbeques are a part of every Australian’s life. People grow up with frequent  backyard or beach barbies, and in this way, Australia and Hawaii are very much alike. The active, outdoor lifestyle is prevalent in both cultures, and the great weather only seems to encourage it.

Karlie rang up one day to invite me to a beach barbie in Bingil Bay with Sam and Adam. Adam was visiting from Melbourne and playing together in a band with two guys named Sam. As if one wasn’t enough . . . haha! Anyway, I eagerly accepted the invite to my first authentic Aussie barbie.

What I love about Australia is that there are public barbecue areas at pretty much every park and beach. This makes it so easy for people to enjoy the outdoors. You don’t need to lug your charcoal and grill out every single time you want to barbecue. You just need food and drinks and you’re all set.

Sam and Adam came well prepared for the barbecue with steaks, burgers and sausages. It was a meat lover’s paradise and I was in heaven. They also had some sweet potatoes and cut them into chips to grill as well.

Karlie, her two kids (Taethe and Keater) and I arrived just as the sun was setting. The boys were setting everything up, and the air was cooling down. There were still a few groups of people enjoying the sunset, but they left shortly afterward as darkness descended on us.

Everything was going pretty well until dark, when we realized there were no overhead lights around us. We had to make do with little tealight candles, which didn’t create enough illumination to really see what we were doing.

Adam took up cooking duties at the grill and seemed to be pretty happy there. The rest of us chatted while waiting for the food. Sam brought out his guitar and sang a bit. Again, it was difficult to do much in the dark.

As the food started pouring out, we all settled in for a big feed. Somehow, no matter where you are, food tastes better at the beach. I don’t know if it’s the salty smell in the air or if the breeze off the water makes you hungrier, but the food always, always tastes better and this was no exception.

As night wore on, the temperature dropped even lower. The wine and beer weren’t enough to keep us warm, so we headed up the hill to Sam’s place. It was much cozier inside, and we all enjoyed a bit of music while defrosting. Before too long it was time to get home. Adam was staying with Sam while he was in Mission Beach so it was only Karlie, her boys and I who had to make the drive back to South Mish. But, all in all, it was a great night spent among friends.


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