Rotorua Reunions in Sydney

During my week in Sydney, I happily reunited with a friend called Tess, who I met in Rotorua, New Zealand more than a year ago. It still surprises me that little connections you make throughout your travels impact your life more than you realize.

Despite not spending huge amounts of time with Tess back then (due to me working two jobs), when she and I were able to sit down and chat we always had a good time. She even walked me to the bus on the day I left Rotorua, helping to carry one of my bags for me.

Because Tess worked in Sydney’s CBD, we had lunch at Paragon Hotel near Circular Quay. For those of you who haven’t been out this way, hotel can mean a pub or a fancy place to sleep (although I suppose some hotels have a pub on the bottom and rooms up top to rent). Anyway, this was the former and not the latter. Places like this usually have good lunch specials of which you should take advantage, especially if you’re in one of the big cities where everything is really expensive.

Lunch at Paragon Hotel in Sydney

Lunch at Paragon Hotel in Sydney

I ordered a steak cooked medium with pepper sauce and a Strongbow cider at the bar. After paying, they give you a number and you can sit wherever you prefer. The meal arrived extremely quickly and came with decent lot of fries (or rather chips as they call ’em here).

Over lunch, Tess and I talked about her job at an educational facility where she worked with students. We reviewed our plans for the future – she would head to Melbourne to visit family before going back home to Malta and I hoped to find someplace to work with animals.

Most of all, we talked about life in New Zealand (which we missed) and traveling (of which we couldn’t get enough). We had a great time and too soon she had to get back to work, so we said our goodbyes and good lucks knowing that it was always possible to meet again in some other part of the world.


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