Cruising on the North Shore

Being at home means getting back into the island lifestyle where people take it easy and everything moves at a slower pace. On days off, city folks head out to the country, which basically means the North Shore. My sister, niece and I decided to join the club and cruised up to Haleʻiwa for a bit of garlic shrimp and sightseeing.

It was a typical Hawaiian day of blue skies, white clouds, hot sun and cool breezes. I was craving garlic shrimp like you wouldn’t believe, mostly because I haven’t had any for so long. We pulled into the first place we came across as we entered Haleʻiwa, which turned out to be Macky’s. It was my first time at this food truck as I normally hit up Giovanni’s in Kahuku (although they do have a truck in Haleʻiwa now but I don’t really like the location), but that was just too far of a drive on too empty a stomach.

The garlic shrimp came with white rice, green salad and pineapple slices. I thought the fruit and veg were a nice touch as Giovanni’s only does shrimp and white rice. However, I was there for garlic shrimp and only garlic shrimp and this is where Macky’s falls a bit short. Even though I could clearly see and smell the minced garlic mixed in with the butter and shrimp, its taste was pretty mild and disappointing. Giovanni’s takes the garlic to another level so I found I prefer the “original shrimp truck” over Macky’s.

After a bit of driving and sightseeing to help settle our tum tums, we hit up Matsumoto’s for some shave ice. It’s the most famous shop in the area despite several other places offering the cold, refreshing dessert.

Shave ice (never shaved ice), also known as ice shave on the Big Island, is literally ice shavings off a block of ice that is so fine it looks and feels like freshly fallen snow. It’s light and airy and never grainy like the mainland’s version (snow cone). It has syrup flavors of your choice and can include a scoop of ice cream or azuki beans at the bottom and condensed milk on top. Matsumoto’s has a few dozen flavors – from guava, banana, and lime to pina colada, bubble gum and root beer – so you have to come back a few times to try them all. Shave ice was the perfect way to end the day!



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2 responses to “Cruising on the North Shore

  1. Long way from town. You went Hawaiian country. Got plenty of shrimp shacks out there, but Matsumoto’s is a must. Very scenic and local. Different from Honolulu proper. Plus, lots of surfers too.

  2. Only a townie would call Haleiwa the country lol It’s so touristy and way more crowded than just 20 years ago.

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