Kaimana Big & Strong for Sale

Several years ago I wrote a manuscript for a children’s story called Kaimana Big & Strong and submitted it to Island Heritage Publishing. Shortly afterwards, I received a contract from them and gears were in motion to print the book. However, years passed and still the book hadn’t been made. I was getting a bit concerned that it would never be printed.

Then, while I was backpacking, Island Heritage notified me that they were proceeding with the book. I was so happy and excited to know that my dreams of being an author were coming true and that kids would be able to enjoy the story. The book would be distributed by Island Heritage to shops and stores throughout Hawaiʻi, and independent sellers would spread the love worldwide through sites like Amazon.com.

Unfortunately, when the books hit the shelves, I was still traveling and didn’t get to see them firsthand. But, my family took photos of the displays and sent them to me (you know, as physical proof that I was actually a published author). When I returned home, I sped off to Barnes & Noble in Ala Moana Center to see if I could find my book. To my utter delight, Kaimana Big & Strong was on the shelf tucked in among other local books . . . just like it belonged there!

A while later my publisher contacted me and we set up a book signing (like a real author!). It was amazing to see Kaimana Big & Strong included in the book display. When some of my family arrived to show their support, it made the day even more special for me.

I still can’t get used to the idea that I’ve written a book and now kids around the world can read it. I know for a fact that Kaimana Big & Strong has made its way to Australia, Scotland and Canada. Who knows how far this book has traveled. Simply amazing!


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