Two Scots, a Dutch and an American Walk into a Pub

After returning from my Highlands tour to Ross and Gill’s place, we welcomed Natascha, our Dutch friend who we met in Australia ages and ages ago. It was a happy, very anticipated reunion!

Everyone you meet while traveling invites you to their country and makes plans to meet up with you again. However, many people never get around to actually doing it. That’s just the way it goes sometimes, even though you spend days or weeks together on the road.

So when Gill and Natascha suggested that we get together when I got to the UK part of my trip, I was really excited. Despite time and distance from one another, we all fell back in stride with no problem and laughed till our stomachs ached. This just goes to show the strength of friendships forged while roughing it in the Outback, something that I’m sure changed all of us.

We spent one of our days together in Callander, where we had a nice lunch in the local pub. It was wonderful catching up with each other, and despite the cold, the sky was blue (something I’ve learned to appreciate when I can in Scotland).

After lunch we headed for Loch Lomond and so did the rain. At the water’s edge, we found a family of swans. The fluffy grey chicks were pretty large but still had a fair way to go before they turned into images of their parents. They hungrily gobbled up bread that another visitor was giving to them.

The ever-present rain brought our day of sightseeing to an end. But on the way home, we called in to a small cake shop and had some dessert and warm drinks. Yummy! What a way to wind down the day!

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2 responses to “Two Scots, a Dutch and an American Walk into a Pub

  1. That’s really wonderful that you were able to hook up with old traveling friends again.

  2. It was great. You never really expect it but it’s nice when it happens.

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