Searching for the Loch Ness Monster

How could I visit Scotland and not stop at Loch Ness to look for the infamous Lock Ness Monster? I couldn’t. It’s as easy as that.

We pulled into Fort Augustus on the southwest side of Loch Ness for the chance of a lifetime to see Nessie. Thousands have come before us and, I’m sure, thousands will come after us, and we’ll all be searching for one thing: proof that the Loch Ness Monster exists.

Despite the encroaching dark clouds that accompanied me throughout my tour of the Scottish Highlands, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to set out for the shore for one quick look across the water. Maybe I’d be the lucky one to find Nessie?

But, alas, no such luck this time. And, being the realist and tightwad that I am, I bowed out of the expensive boat cruise that would get me that much closer to seeing Nessie (or at least proliferate the hype surrounding the mysterious lake). Instead, I checked out the small (and I do mean small) town and had some lunch.

What’s really cool about Fort Augustus is that it’s part of the Caledonian Canal, which connects Inverness in the east to Corpach in the west, and you can see the locks in action from up close. The canal passes through Fort Augustus and makes use of Loch Ness, Loch Oichy and Loch Lochy to move ships about 60 miles from one end to the other.

Despite the wet weather and no Nessie sighting, I rather enjoyed Fort Augustus. Perhaps I’ll visit again as the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster remains unsolved.

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2 responses to “Searching for the Loch Ness Monster

  1. Hello there! Thank you so much for your kind comment. We do love to travel so this is really a fun blog. I’d love to see Scotland some day too, but I think we’re doing Ireland next.

  2. I read a bit about Ireland before I started my travels but never got around to going. It’s still on my list of places to visit.

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