There Can Be Only One

The deeper into the Isle of Skye we went, the more the green pastures and mountains reminded me of that 1990s tv series called Highlander. The show has nothing to do with Scotland besides being the main character’s homeland, but for some reason I couldn’t shake the saying, “There can be only one.” If I squinted just right, I could see Adrian Paul as the immortal Duncan MacLeod standing atop one of the rocky mountains.

Skye continued to amaze me with its unique landscape. It reminded me a bit of New Zealand, but the ground seemed rockier under all that lush turf. The air felt colder and invaded your clothes despite the layers. It felt cold enough for snow, but the skies only produced rain.

The tour guide took us to Fairy Glen, a land where fairies were purported to live. Here the trees were shrunken and twisted branches reached out horizontally instead of vertically.

I’m sure this slight variation in nature is due to the high winds blowing through the valley, which forces trees to grow wider instead of taller. However, the belief in Scottish fairies is widespread, especially on the Isle of Skye. Because of this, people built rock shrines and left offerings of coins and charms.

I only wish we could’ve stayed longer to explore the area more thoroughly. The bad weather was kicking up again, and we didn’t have much time to climb the mountain to have a look around. Perhaps if we stayed longer, I might have spotted one of those secretive little beings and been blessed with good luck? I’ll just have to return another day, hopefully when the weather is much, much better.

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