Living on the Edge of the World

The weather turned from good to bad the closer we got to Skye, and once we were on the island, the stereotypical Scottish weather overtook us. I can’t actually complain about this though as I really enjoyed the rain, fog and cold wind.

As our driver took us around the island, it was difficult to see much of anything due to the fog covering the road. It descended from the hills, which I assume were a healthy green color but cannot actually verify with my own eyes for many points on the journey.

After twists and turns and winding roads, we arrived at a cliff lookout. The sky was gray and foretold of heavy rains. Rocks littered the water far below the sheer cliff faces. It felt as if we were standing at the edge of the world. I’m pretty sure there was something we were looking at, but mystery shrouded whatever it was . . . and so did the clouds.

I was amazed that a bit of cloud and a bit of fog could create such a tremendous atmosphere. I guess I don’t have much experience with cold weather phenomenon and have a highly active imagination so that might explain a bit of my wonder.

I loved the cold puff of air that accompanied every exhale. I loved the ground covered with semi-crystalized water droplets. I loved that people lived out here in such an isolated environment and that their closest neighbors were acres away. I loved that they valued their independence and self-reliance. It’s like time stands still on the Isle of Skye.

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