Pretty Portree on the Isle of Skye

Our home for the next couple of days was Portree, the biggest town on the Isle of Skye that serves as a base for most tourists. Upon first encounter, it looks more like a small village nestled around a harbor. However, after visiting other parts of the island, it is definitely the most developed area on Skye.

What I loved most about Portree was the pastel-colored buildings that fringed the harbor. Pinks and blues and yellows brought in some color to ward off the dark clouds that always seemed to linger nearby. It was almost too good to be true (I mean, who really paints their structures like that anyway?), and I wondered if the buildings were painted for a movie set and never returned to their original hues.

My accommodation through the tour was Bayfield Backpackers. There were several options available depending on your budget. I shared a four-bed dorm with three girls on the tour who were taking a brief holiday from their pastry chef courses back in London.

The hostel was quite clean and seemed to have adequate bathroom facilities. There were lockable roll-out storage bins under the bunk beds, which was helpful for security reasons. It had a large dining area with several stoves for cooking your own meals. The dining area also served as a lounge with a large picture window with views of Loch Portree.

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2 responses to “Pretty Portree on the Isle of Skye

  1. A. Sanj

    I wonder if they paint their houses bright colors cuz of the gloomy weather. I notice they do that in Bergen, Norway and Amsterdam, and the houses are usually on an inlet or canal.

  2. Not totally sure but they were really pretty to look at!

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