Callendar House and Park

Callendar House, just a few minutes drive from Ross and Gill’s place, is something straight out of a novel. When I first saw the building, I was sure a horse-drawn carriage would pull around the side at any moment and a footman would help a lady exit the coach. But alas, this was not to be.

Located in Callendar Park, the mansion stands on part of the historic Antonine Wall that formed the northern border for the Roman Empire. More famous than that, it is the place where Ross and Gill got married.

Unfortunately, I didn’t attend their wedding and didn’t get a chance to tour the inside of the mansion on this visit, but judging from the wedding photos taken inside, the building is amazing. Apparently the architectural style of the mansion is French Renaissance Revival Chateauesque, but its main structure is from the 16th century.

It’s history is a long one in which many of the families who resided in the home did important things for the British Empire. However, all I know is that the place is beautiful. (The boys doing a bit of calisthenics on the field fronting the mansion weren’t bad to look at either.)

We walked toward a small lake in which ducks and geese played. There were young families out enjoying the day, even though it was a tad cold. I suppose they were Scottish though and probably thought the day was fine.

Megan, Ross and Gill’s dog, was happy to be out for a walk and ran to sniff all the trees and bushes around us. She also greeted the other dogs in the area with a gleeful wag of her tail. Callendar Park was intensely green, just as I imagined all of Scotland to be. I guess lush flora is a positive benefit of all that rain they get. The place reminded me a lot of New Zealand as well.

As darkness set in, we decided to head home for dinner. Megan wasn’t too keen on that idea as she was having a lovely time and even went for a bit of a swim. But, in the end, the call of dinner was too strong and she bade farewell to her new friends.

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