Bath: Aquae Sulis

Bath has always been known for its restorative hot springs and the Romans called it Aquae Sulis or “water from the Sulis.” People came from miles around to enjoy the heated spring water that surged from the ground. I came all the way from Hawaii to check it out.

My tour bus arrived in Bath around lunchtime. The guide gave us a bit more than an hour to find a bite to eat or explore the city on our own before he began a guided walking tour.

After a quick buffet lunch at Pizza Hut, I returned to our meeting point in front of Bath Abbey. Since I was about 15 minutes early, I decided to have a look inside the church. The architectural design of the structure was amazing, and I thought the inside could only be better. I was not disappointed. The church’s high arching roof with carefully crafted textures were very appealing. The stained-glass windows and religious artifacts surrounded the walls. It was really quite beautiful.

Our guide took us for a walk around the city, and we were able to admire the unique Bath Stone, a type of limestone from nearby mines, used to build all the buildings. He said any new developments must use this building material to keep up a unified architectural look about the city. This made new constructions difficult as the Bath Stone is very expensive.

The view of Victoria Park was amazing from the Royal Crescent, which consists of 30 homes along a curved stretch of road. The Crescent itself is a wonder to see and one can appreciate its beauty as well. The front façade of these homes and offices are the same, but the original buyers enlisted their own architects to design the rest of the building. Because of this, the back side of these homes are a mish mash of styles and construction.

On my way home after the tour, I walked through Hyde Park and was intrigued to see so many people using the park. There were footy matches going on across the field while more slumberous people lay under shade trees close by. Many people ran, walked or biked (within their proper lanes, of course) through the park on paths or rollerbladed with their dogs on leashes. It seemed that everyone came out to play on sunny days and made me realize how lucky we are in Hawaii that every day is a sunny day (more or less). The British soak up the sun when they can; we soak up the sun when we want.

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2 responses to “Bath: Aquae Sulis

  1. KT

    Great pix dorian! Bath is one place I really remember from my travels and your pix capture it all. Good one ya.

  2. KT

    good ON ya. Sheesh!

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