Iconic Sights: Westminster Abbey and Big Ben

The next stop on this tourist train was two of London’s most famous sights – Westminster Abbey and Big Ben. One cannot visit London town without stopping to admire these historical buildings.

Up close Westminster Abbey is amazingly intricate and beautiful in its Gothic architectural design. Not being someone who is knowledgeable about either architecture or religion, I was still able to appreciate its significance and beauty.

Tragically, I did not get a chance to go inside the building. I assumed I’d come back another day for a more thorough exploration and was excited to get out and about in London. Unfortunately, I never got around to returning and will need to make a point of doing so during my next trip to London.

Despite missing out on the Abbey, I spent a short time poking around St Margaret’s Church and enjoyed the stained glass windows, tombs and portraits. By stepping inside the building I felt transported to another time and place. History seeped up through the stone floor and swirled around the wooden pews. How many people have come to worship inside these walls? It was really incredible for me to experience how ancient the church felt.

Popping out of St Margaret’s Church one can hardly deny Big Ben’s magnificence, which stands just in front. The name Big Ben is somewhat misleading though as it originally refers only to the bell but has become the name used for the clock, tower and bell. I’m not sure what I was expecting to see, but having watched movies that feature the clock tower, such as Peter Pan and Mary Poppins, I was just expecting something bigger. But, I was still amazed to be standing in front of such an iconic and world-renowned building.

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4 responses to “Iconic Sights: Westminster Abbey and Big Ben

  1. Aunty Suzanne

    It’s like deja vu….my friends travelled your path a few years ago. Just like going down time tunnel!

  2. I really loved it in London. It felt bustling and alive.

  3. I really enjoyed myself just wandering around on my own with a guidebook. Haven’t traveled with a guidebook yet, which I suppose has pros and cons, but loving it so far.

  4. A. Sanj

    You definitely need to go inside Westminster Abbey next time. After all the flowers of English literature are buried there.

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