Touch Down in London Town

After a bit of drama with my ticket at the Malaysian Airlines desk in Kuala Lumpur International Airport, I said goodbye to my dear friend Reena and had a rather uneventful direct flight to London.

Having primarily flown on budget airlines up to this point, flying Malaysian Airlines was an extreme luxury. During the flight, they served two full meals that included dessert, an ice cream snack and unlimited drinks. Each seat had its own tv screen and there was a wide array of movies and tv shows for you to watch. I watched three full-length movies and thoroughly enjoyed myself as the flight wasn’t full and I had three seats to myself.

When I finally touched land again, I was in London, England. I’ve always been fascinated by England for some reason. I think it’s mainly due to all the British novels I’ve read throughout my studies. You can only read so much of Bronte, Dickens and Austen before you imagine yourself actually being there.

However, stepping off the plane and on the Tube is a far cry from the English moors and heaths of which I’ve read. I managed to make my way to Piccadilly Circus and had no trouble finding my hostel. I checked in and had a low-key night as I got over some jet lag.

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