A Night Out in Kuala Lumpur

Sometimes all you need is a good night out to get yourself right again, and Kuala Lumpur offers many places where you can grab some drinks, listen to good music and just kick it with good company. Of course, when you’re backpacking like I am, you don’t often have the right gear for clubbing, but you also don’t really care either.

Reena’s friend Adrian picked us up and took us to Sutra where we met Sri and a bunch of other people. I felt a bit under-dressed and overwhelmed by everything, but decided I’d fake it till I make it, as the saying goes. Sutra seemed like a pretty cool place. It was interesting to see how the club scene in KL worked. This place catered to a pretty diverse crowd, but I’d say it leaned more toward Indians and tourists. The DJ was pumping out some good hip hop songs, which was a complete relief and a return to normal after having survived the outrageous stuff that Kiwi clubs are playing in their rotation.

Reena’s friends already had a table reserved when we got there and the alcohol was flowing freely. I’m not much of a drinker, but how can you say no when the drinks are free and the boys never let you have an empty glass? It’s a good thing I have a pretty high tolerance and we weren’t taking it straight (although some of the guys were). Even mixed with Coke and ice, the liquor managed to get me a bit tipsy, which is something that doesn’t normally happen

Apparently not drunk enough, we headed over to a second place that was predominantly Indian from the clientage and music. It was my first Indian club, and honestly, I couldn’t do much more than stare. I dunno how they did it, but everyone at this place had rhythm that I could only dream of having!

The music was straight out of some Bollywood flick as far as I’m concerned as I couldn’t understand anything and didn’t even know how to dance to it. It was truly an eye-opening experience (or perhaps that was the alcohol finally kicking in?), and oddly, most of the people there were guys. We had more drinks here and chatted as much as we could despite the loud music.

Oddly enough, despite being absolutely pissed by this point in the night, Sri was gentlemanly enough to make sure us girls got to the toilets without being harassed by anyone. Whenever he noticed one of us was gone, he’d wander over to the loo and wait outside to make sure we got back safely.

I’ve never really experienced such overprotective behavior before (and don’t think I’ve been anywhere that called for it, even at this place), but it was really sweet of him. By the time it was last call, we couldn’t drink any more anyway. But, I’m happy to report that I was still walking a straight line – for the most part – and no puking occurred. Adrian, our non-drinking driver, took us home and Reena and I crashed till late in the day.

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