A Little Bit of Pampering Goes a Long Way

As a backpacker, you try not to spend your money on frivolous things. Unfortunately, as an “older” backpacker, some things can’t be avoided (well, they can but I’m too vain to ever let that happen), such as a decent cut and color.

Now I’ve gone to two salons (although both were not high-end by any means) in New Zealand to get my hair layered and colored. I didn’t mind the long length but the split ends were killing me. Of course, using the cheapest stuff on your hair only adds to the problem, but again, with a backpacking budget some things must take a hit. Both places charged a scandalous amount (but normal if I was at home and not backpacking), especially since my hair is really thick. To put it in perspective, if I skipped these two trips to the salon, I could’ve easily squeezed in another skydive!

But Reena found a place with a special offer and it came out to be really, really cheap (especially when converted into U.S. dollars) so we both splurged and had a girly day at the salon. It was wonderful and we walked out feeling like rock stars!

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One response to “A Little Bit of Pampering Goes a Long Way

  1. Aunty Sanj

    The cuts make out great! You guys look great!

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