Goodbye Japan

I can’t believe it’s my last day in Japan! My time here passed by so quickly, but it amazes me when I think back on all the places I’ve seen. Here are some of my favorite stops along the way:

I can already tell you that I’ll be back, and hopefully soon. Despite not knowing the language and traveling on my own without much of a plan, Japan called to my very soul. The dichotomy between young and old, modern and historic can all be found within a few steps from each other. It’s wonderous how people are able to respect and honor both and how they coexist in today’s society.

I know that there are many more places of interest within Japan that I missed out on during this trip, and I look forward to exploring the country further on another visit.

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2 responses to “Goodbye Japan

  1. Been to Japan once … wish I could go there again one day and this time a much longer trip. =) Beautiful country.

  2. I really loved it as well and can’t wait to go back!

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