Killer Steak in Kobe

Today I accomplished my one and only reason for coming to Kobe – to devour Kobe steak! I took the train in from Osaka and managed to get a good deal of sightseeing in before caving in to the deliciousness that is Kobe steak.

I found a small restaurant called Kissho Grill that had a special for a selection of dishes. I figured this was as good a place as any and headed upstairs. For 4,500 yen I received a set lunch of roast Kobe beef, green salad, soup, Kobe hamburger steak with gravy and a different type of green salad, Coke and, the main course, Kobe steak, onions, sweet potato and mushrooms on a stone grill. The stone was so hot that it seared everything on it, which is like Triple 1 Five in New Zealand.

To say that everything was not delicious would be an outright lie. I luxuriated in the taste of everything. Not only was this probably the most expensive meal in Japan, it was probably the most expensive meal I’ve had since leaving home. I wanted to savor the experience.

Everything after that was just icing on the cake. I bought an all-day bus pass that looped around the city and caught the sights that way. Afterward, I took a walk around the Chinatown area and along the waterfront. I came across many a pair of amazing shoes, but I behaved myself and refrained from buying any. With my belly full, everything was smelling like roses. I headed back home to Osaka feeling as though I accomplished a lot, even if it was just eating Kobe steak.

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