Chowing Down in Osaka

After a relaxing day and night in Beppu, I headed for Osaka, and my hostel’s owner greeted me at the train station. After loading my huge backpack into the basket of her bicycle, which every Japanese person seems to own, we headed back to the hostel. Later that night, all the guests, the owner and her friends went to a small restaurant around the corner, and I had one of the best meals ever.

To be honest, I’m not sure what I ate. There were definitely several types of okonomiyaki, which I believe were in the Osaka style. Some okonomiyaki  overflowed with veggies, noodles and beef, a mix of seafood or chicken. They all came with a delicious sauce, and the noodles were even kim chee-flavored! Also thrown in were some really good cheesy potatoes.

The restaurant was very intimate and had the exclusive feeling to it that most hole-in-the-wall joints tend to take on. The small space only held about five tables and a tiny kitchen. There weren’t many decorations around the room, but I suppose it’s the company that creates the atmosphere after all.

Since I was dining with locals, I have to say that this is probably the most authentic and unique experience I’ve had so far. I wouldn’t even know where to start if I walked into this place alone. The menu was in Japanese and the staff didn’t speak English. I could have resorted to the point-and-pray method of ordering, but this was so much better. I got to try a wonderful choice of tasty treats until my belly was extremely content.

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