Old Meets New in Kyoto

Kyoto is such a unique city because the old and new meet and greet every day. When you walk through the streets, you instantly know that Kyoto is just as efficient and modern as other large cities around the world. However, this metropolis has developed from an ancient place that still thrives in this new environment.

Within Kyoto, you can find many shopping areas that are bustling with activity. Business people and tourists rub elbows as they window shop or pick up a quick bite to eat at the many restaurants. Cuisine from all over the world can be found in these districts, especially in Gion.

Yet just a block away from these main streets, you’ll find homes that are still built in the traditional style and women wearing kimonos. This is especially true in Gion, the geisha district, where these artists continue to perform at teahouses in the area. Their guests are businessmen now, and not shogun, but the same principles of entertainment apply.

The contrast between old and new is extremely clear in Kyoto. But perhaps people of this city use this to their advantage? Not only do they have the best of both worlds, they continue to prosper and create a better future because of it.

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2 responses to “Old Meets New in Kyoto

  1. Aunty Sanj

    loved this area. Uncle & I had Kobe steak in a restaurant overlooking the river and bridge. We even saw a geisha (actually a maiko-han -geisha in training).

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