Food for Thought

Food in Japan has been delicious, and I’m truly enjoying every meal I have. As everyone knows, things cost a pretty penny over here when compared to other areas of the world. However, some places are worth the splurge and Japan is one of those places.

Thus far, my dietary selections haven’t been too outrageous (although I do intend to try fugu or puffer fish and Kobe steak before I leave). Here (and at home come to think of it) I really enjoy tonkatsu, which is a fried and breaded pork cutlet. Anything breaded and fried can never be wrong in my book. I also love ebi tempura, which is fried and battered shrimp. As far as Japanese food goes, these fried concoctions are my main indulgence as I don’t really enjoy raw fish or raw fish on sushi.

Japanese meals can come ala carte or as a set meal called teishoku. The set is usually priced very well and comes with a bowl of miso soup and a small dish of tsukemono (pickled cabbage). Depending on the restaurant, you might also get a scoop of potato macaroni salad or another side dish. Green tea is commonly served toward the end of the meal.

My other indulgence is Italian food, and I was surprised at how popular it is here. Of course, most places do Italian with a Japanese twist, but overall it’s still really enjoyable. Even simple spaghetti tastes different from normal. This could be due to using a different variety of pasta since noodles are so popular here.

As I travel from city to city and town to town, I’ll be sampling some of the wonderful cuisines of Japan. This is a foodie’s dream!

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