Rush Hour in Tokyo

I’ve been in Tokyo for a couple of days now and have managed to work out how to get from place to place fairly well. Some of the larger train stations are difficult to maneuver through because there are multiple exits and I’m usually not working with the greatest of maps. Most of the time, I randomly pick an exit and see where it leads once I’m on the outside.

However, in spite of this haphazard way of traveling, I’ve managed to avoid hitting major rush-hour traffic, which is definitely a good thing. Rush hour in Tokyo can be a bit crazy as many people are trying to get from one platform to another. The trains are efficient and always on-time so people need to get a move-on when transferring from one line to the next.

I’ve been in the stations around 5 p.m., which I think is the start of rush hour but definitely is not the peak time. Despite searching, I still haven’t managed to find the train station officers who wear white gloves and “help” passengers into the cars. Oh well, I’m sure they’re out there.


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2 responses to “Rush Hour in Tokyo

  1. Kris

    Looks like a cleaner version of New York. How’s the underground? There are lots of shops and restaurants. Find any neat ones? Look forward to the next post.

  2. Very well signposted in English; easy to find platform numbers; tons of people no matter what time of day; haven’t tried any of the food but there’s a lot of them.

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