On the Way Home to Kuala Lumpur

At 10 a.m., I boarded a bus to KL and settled in for the four-to-five-hour drive back to the city. Of course, this was just an estimation and the trip took five-and-a-half hours instead. Oh well, I should be used to this by now.


There isn’t much to say about the journey home. I arrived safe and sound in KL and got a quick bite to eat at McDonald’s before catching the LRT back to Voon’s house. When I got there, I was surprised to find her at home, because she planned on attending a family friend’s wedding. Unfortunately, she got food poisoning the night before and wasn’t feeling well.


This gave me time to catch up with her and finish planning the next part of my trip – Japan! My plane tickets and first night’s accommodation are already set. I just need to figure out all the rest of it. Just a year ago, this would’ve made me feel anxious and panicked because I didn’t have my plans set. But now, going with the flow is what it’s all about. No guidebooks, no tours. Just me and the road.




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2 responses to “On the Way Home to Kuala Lumpur

  1. Pat .

    Japan! I look forward to it. Thanks for sharing your travels.

  2. Pat – Thanks for following along with me. I’ve had a great time 🙂

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