Restoran Kapitan – George Town Indian Food

Back in Cameron Highlands, I met an Indian couple from Texas who recommended Restoran Kapitan

So as I wandered around George Town, lo and behold, I found it. It wasn’t actually difficult to find, I suppose, as I’m pretty sure I could’ve asked anyone and they would’ve pointed me in the right direction. But I wasn’t really looking and just happened to stumble upon it.


I ordered the tandoori chicken and naan with an orange Fanta and have to admit that it was delicious! The chicken was spicy and moist. I felt a little awkward eating alone though, because the place was slammin’ during lunch hour. There were lots of business people dressed in nice long-sleeved shirts and slacks (I don’t understand how they weren’t dripping with sweat like I was) enjoying the food as well. Most of the patrons were men, with a few groups of women with their young children. I was the only single woman, which got some stares, but, having been in Malaysia for a while now, I was getting used to it.


I’ve found that it’s a bit different traveling alone in Asia than it was in Australia or New Zealand. It seemed more acceptable to be a girl on your own in the latter than it is in the former. I observed that more people (mostly men) tended to stare at me in Malaysia (and to a lesser extent Singapore) when I walked around the town on my explorations.

It’s not as if I felt physically threatened or anything, but I did find it a bit disconcerting at times. It’s as if I’m an insect under a microscope or an oddity of some sort because the men just blatantly look at you. Even if you catch them looking and stare right back at them, they don’t take the subtle hint (even when I sometimes wasn’t so subtle and glared back at them).

Oftentimes I could feel my American upbringing bubbling near the surface, and I wanted to snap at the guys by saying, “what the hell are you looking at?” But I didn’t. Why should I condemn people from another country for breaking the societal pleasantries and customs of my country? After all, we weren’t in my country.

After a while, I just tried to ignore them. But, I can only imagine the attention that Caucasian girls drum up in Asia. I assume it’s a pain in the butt most of the time.



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6 responses to “Restoran Kapitan – George Town Indian Food

  1. Starved!!! Indian food in malaysia is just the best and in GT in partic. Enjoy!!

  2. Aunty Sanj

    I got stares in Morocco and friendly shout outs from the guys if Uncle wasn’t nearby. The single, haole girls got harassed more, especially in Egypt.

  3. It’s quite odd to get in touch with my femininity because of the reactions I get here. At home, I don’t even think about it.

  4. Ohh how we loved Kapitan, perhaps the best Indian place ever!!! Being stared at is something you can never ever get used to. Its bad right throughout Asia but I have found it worst in Burma, Malaysia and Vietnam. Trying to ignore them is not always successful though is it?

  5. I just wasn’t prepared for it as I’m Asian American and thought that I would, for the most part, physically blend in more than stand out. But I suppose a tourist is a tourist no matter what and locals can spot you a mile away. Traveling solo doesn’t help things either LOL

  6. I don’t think its something that anybody travelling can prepare for! It must be especially hard travelling solo. I notice a huge difference when I walk along on my own, I admire your courage!

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