Golden Buddhist Temple

Another stop on the Cameron Highlands tour was a Buddhist temple. We were once again left to our own devices by the tour guide, and no one from the temple came out to greet us either. We roamed around the grounds and went into buildings all the while taking photos, which felt a bit weird and intrusive but didn’t stop me at all.

The buildings were all finely crafted structures with highly stylized and detailed decorations. Everything was painted gold and red, which I suppose is common for this sort of thing. But, once I got inside, I literally had a jaw-dropping moment.

Huge golden statues of gods lined the walls and towered above us. They were massive and I wondered if they were really made of gold. Religious institutions are often the richest entities in the world, so I had no doubt that this temple was wealthy. Just how wealthy? Only they would truly know.

In front of each god’s statue was an offering table littered with all kinds of gifts – fruits, sweets, burning incense and bamboo creations to name a few. The high ceilings of the rooms further emphasized the size of these statues. It must be impressive to see the monks gathered together in prayer and worship within these great halls.

It was odd that we didn’t see many monks or worshipers at the temple. A set up this big would need lots of maintenance and cleaning yet I only saw a few people walking around. I wonder where everyone was?

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