Butterfly in the Sky

After leaving the buzzing bees behind (like that alliteration?), our tour took us to a delightful butterfly farm. I could’ve spent hours and hours among the butterflies if given half a chance.

The butterflies were kept inside a large room and were free to flit and flutter around to their hearts’ content. Mesh fencing lined the walls and ceiling to keep the butterflies from escaping.

At other butterfly habitats I’ve visited, a two-door system is usually installed to prevent accidental escapes when people enter the sanctuary. However, this is Malaysia. Perhaps they have tons of butterflies around or just didn’t worry about escapees, because the double-door system wasn’t in place.

Like the honey farm, the butterfly farm didn’t offer any information about the creatures (which is a shame) and let us roam around as we wished. I tried to catch some butterflies on my finger but they avoided me, and I couldn’t find any nectar to lure them closer. *sigh* Oh well. It was still an amazing sight to see thousands of butterflies.

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