Big Red Strawberry Farm

After my visit at Cactus Valley, I hiked up a short drive to Big Red Strawberry Farm. I was eager to taste some of their strawberry delights and see if food really does taste better when you’re closer to the source.

Despite having more visitors than Cactus Valley, I can’t really say that tourists were flooding the farm. There seemed to be a small bus tour that arrived around the same time I did and the chatter of the Filipino guests reminded me of home for a bit.

The farm didn’t have many informative signs to describe what we were looking at, but it was fun to weave in and out of the rows anyway. Apparently, strawberries were their primary source of income (or perhaps their most notable product?), but they also produced lettuce and other vegetables.

Not having much of a head for agriculture, I headed toward the snack bar for my strawberry treat. There were so many options to choose from that sounded delicious, strawberry floats, chocolate-dipped strawberries and strawberry ice cream. I went with the strawberry float, which was like a strawberry smoothie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Yum!

After a brief respite, I headed back down the hill toward Tanah Rata and home (for the night at least). I took the long way this time for a change in scenery and passed by a couple luxurious hotels, a golf course and probably the same residential village I had walked through earlier in the day. Clouds were starting to form above and the wind was beginning to pick up so I hurried along without much delay. All in all, today was a good day.

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3 responses to “Big Red Strawberry Farm

  1. Kris

    From the pics, I only saw one berry picture. Looked like someone I knew. Strawberry farming is hard work. Lots of bending over. Did not expect to see that in south east Asia, but guess many foods are universal in today’s global economy. Thanks,

  2. Yep, didn’t expect it either but they were still delicious

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