More Sightseeing and Malaysian Cuisine

Sometimes there’s nothing better than jumping on public transportation and seeing where it takes you. I guess this also applies to life itself when you think about it. Since Voon was at work, I decided to take a ride on her line, Ampang Line, and check out the sights.

I rode most of her line, which took a couple of hours, and can’t say there were any noteworthy sights. Despite having skipped breakfast, I decided to push on with my adventuring and find a Kenanga Wholesale City, a huge mall of cheap stuff. Unfortunately, I had no clue where it was other than the name of the closest station.

However, my traveling has taught me to seek help and has improved my judgement of people. I found a fashionable girl and asked her where Kenanga was located. To my surprise (and hers as she obviously knew I was a tourist and couldn’t believe I even knew of the place), she was going there and told me to follow her. It was a good thing too, because the new mall was down a small lane and past huge buildings that looked like they housed other wholesale businesses.

In the end, all that trouble was for not. I didn’t buy anything and that wasn’t from my lack of trying. There were six floors of wholesale clothes, shoes and accessories, but the fashion was somewhat questionable for my tastes (although the styles were definitely better than the Kiwi sense of fashion I’d seen throughout New Zealand) and oftentimes sizes were too small.

By the time my wanderings had ended, I was starving and headed back to Central Market for some refreshments. I didn’t want to eat too much as I was meeting Voon for dinner, so I picked up two mini hot dog manapuas (hot dog biao in Chinese I guess since manapua is Hawaii vernacular) and a chocolate frozen drink similar to a smoothie.

For dinner, Voon, Beng and I went to a restaurant near home. I’m not sure what all the dishes were, but they included rice, some kind of donut-like bread, fishcake with chili sauce and sour vegetable and beef soups. As usual, everything was delicious.

On the way home we stopped by the market and I couldn’t help but gape at all the different types of chili sauces, shoyu and shrimp chips. I guess we know what’s important to the average Malaysian.

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2 responses to “More Sightseeing and Malaysian Cuisine

  1. the soup is ‘bah kut teh’ -pork stew and the fish cake is actually tofu with fish stuffing. The donut thingy is called ‘char kuey’ (somewhat dough fritters), we either put them in the stew to soak up the gravy, or dip them into coffee, yummy!

  2. Thanks for the clarification Reena. Whatever it all was, it was delish!

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