Snacking at Pavilion Food Court

After watching the candy makers at Sticky do their thing, Voon and I decided to check out the rest of the food court. We weren’t hungry necessarily, but with the abundance of cuisines in the area, we just had to take a look.

As we wandered around the huge basement floor of Pavilion, we saw every type of food imaginable. Sweets, like cakes and ice creams, cookies and pies, were everywhere. The fondant decorations were out-of-this-world cute and could be put up against the best bakers on the Food Network. They even made some really great jello cakes. I especially loved the Pooh jello cake.

Other areas of the food court offered a different affair altogether. If you were so inclined, you could pick up some Chinese, Italian, Indian, Japanese, Malaysian, Korean and even American goodness at reasonable prices. There were even a lot of vegetarian options.

Voon and I settled on a snack since we were still delightfully full but couldn’t pass up on trying some goodies. We bought a berry freeze (like a smoothie) from Boost Juice Bar and two donuts (mango and avocado) from J. Co Donuts & Coffee. The donuts were delish – not too sweet and really soft.

So far, Malaysia has been a foodie’s dream. I don’t know if there’s anything else out there to explore (historical, natural or other educational things), but if I leave the country having only eaten my way through all of it, I’ll be happy.

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