Sticky Candy Shop at Pavilion

Squeezed in among all the other food vendors in Pavilion’s basement is a unique shop that sells handmade candy. At this brightly lit store called Sticky, half a dozen employees work under flourescent lights and intense scrutiny of passersby to create fun, unique hard candies for every occasion.

Clad in blue gloves, the workers stretch and pull at large puddles of candy. They flatten large portions and layer different colors on each other. This creates a design within the candy. Designs can be as simple as a flower or as complex as “Happy Birthday.”

Next, they roll the flat layers into a large log that takes several workers to manipulate. I can only guess at how heavy the completed log weighs. Finally, the employees stretch the log into small ropes by rolling it back and forth. They cut the ropes to form bite-sized pieces that fit into small candy jars.

It is truly amazing to see all the effort put into making candy. It is an under-appreciated art form that is often done in factories away from customers to increase profitability. However, here at Sticky, the artists and art lovers come together to experience the entire process from start to finish. Doing it this way may decrease production, but it will definitely increase the amount of loyal followers because who doesn’t think it’s cool to see candy made right in front of them?

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2 responses to “Sticky Candy Shop at Pavilion

  1. Pat .

    Very interesting – thanks for sharing it – brush your teeth well!

  2. Will do . . . and floss too 🙂

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