Inside a Hindu Temple

There’s an amazing Hindu Temple near Pentaling Street, and Voon and I decided to check it out before dinner. I stood in awe as we looked at it from across the street. The temple was covered with intricately carved and extremely colorful religious figures. It seemed to be a popular temple because there were lots of people coming and going.

Before entering the temple, we had to leave our shoes outside. There was a man and a shoe check station to the left of the doors. We gave him our shoes, he gave us a ticket and put the shoes in the corresponding container. This system was efficient and necessary as the volume of visitors was probably immense.

Inside, gods and goddesses adorned in colorful attire covered the walls. People worshiped at various altars around the compound. Religious men performed ceremonies in honor of the gods. It was more bustling than I thought it’d be for the middle of the week.

After looking at all the figures and paintings, we went back for our shoes and continued to dinner. I was really enjoying Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia. It was nice to experience new things and appreciate the differences.

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2 responses to “Inside a Hindu Temple

  1. Enjoying your KL posts very much, all memories for me, know this temple…. So hope to go back one day 🙂

  2. Glad I’m able to remind you of some nice times 🙂

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