Kuala Lumpur City Center and Petronas Twin Towers

After a good night’s sleep, I caught the LRT (light rail train) from Voon’s apartment to Kuala Lumpur’s city center (KLCC) and the magnificent Petronas Twin Towers. The general area is also known as the Golden Triangle and is part of the main shopping and nightlife district in Kuala Lumpur (KL).

Even with one change of trains, I was able to find KLCC with no problem because the automated train announcements were in Malay and English. This, and the fact that many Malaysians spoke English, was very helpful. I alighted at the KLCC stop, which is connected to a mall called Suria KLCC. Despite being next to the Petronas Twin Towers, I found it much more difficult navigating my way through the mall than I had actually getting there on the train.

When I finally exited the mall, the stifling southeast Asian heat nearly smothered me. It’s no surprise why there are so many enclosed shopping centers in this region. It’s the only place where people can get some respite from the constant heat and humidity.

When I finally got a good look at the Petronas Twin Towers, I had to crane my neck backward to see the top. Standing at the foot of the buildings, I could only stare in wonder at the architectural and engineering achievement. In addition to being a marvelous-looking building, the Petronas Twin Towers also symbolizes the “M” in Malaysia, links the country’s past and future and invokes appreciation of Malaysia’s multi-cultural heritage and culture. Connecting the two towers at the 41st and 42nd floors is a skybridge from which you can see much of KL. However, you have to show up early to get tickets, and I wasn’t about to wake up to get them. So, I appreciated the awesomeness from the ground. Despite this, it was pretty great.

In and around the general area there were also other interestingly built structures, but none of them had the same impact as the Petronas Twin Towers. Finding it difficult to get a good photo of the duo, I wandered around the park for a better angle and perhaps some shade. Some of the area was under construction, but I had the feeling that this would be a nice place to hang out and have a picnic. I suppose, like in many large cities, finding a patch of green in KL amidst the concrete and steel is like uncovering a pot of gold.

After a while the heat finally took its toll on me, and I had to retreat into Suria KLCC for a much-needed rest. I headed for the food court and after about 30 minutes of perusing finally decided on chicken mee and F&N strawberry soda. Food courts are an interesting experience because they’re always a mix between tourists and locals. It’s a great place to people watch without looking all creepy and stalkerish. I was pleasantly surprised by how busy the place was considering its vast size and the fact that it was a weekday. But, I guess when you’re on vacation, you can enjoy the attractions no matter what time or day it is. And that’s just what I planned to do.

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5 responses to “Kuala Lumpur City Center and Petronas Twin Towers

  1. Kris

    This is the modern part of the country and a true marvel in urban planning. I really like the close-up shot of you with the towers behind and to one side. Kind of looking up. That looked really cool!

  2. Tom

    You certainly got my attention! Years ago, I managed a radio station called KLCC (Eugene, Oregon). I admire your traveling spirit. Do you ever get lonely traveling alone?

  3. Never lonely because there is always someone around to talk to – locals or other travelers. But I do miss not being able to share everything with people back home. Sometimes I run into situations that are funny and I know my friends would laugh at it too, but they’re just not around to experience it.

  4. Aunty Sanj

    Uncle can’t understand how we can eat saimin in HI. He was also surprised at how much chili peppers the Thais put in their soup when it’s100% humidity outside. He was stationed there during the VN war.

  5. Yeah, ramen shops have become really popular in Hawaii over the past few years. I’m not a huge fan though since it is so hot. When you add heat with chili peppers, it’s even worse.

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