Big Ballin’ at Ku De Ta in the Marina Bay Sands

Nothing makes you feel more like a big balla than taking an elevator straight to the top. When you reach the 57th floor of the Marina Bay SandsKu De Ta awaits you. This rooftop bar is the height of sophistication and provides its patrons with a memorable experience every time.

The bar offers breathtaking views of the cityscape and at first you think it is a green screen projection on a Hollywood lot. But you are wrong, my friend. Here in Singapore, even commoners like me can enjoy a refreshing beverage at Ku De Ta and rub elbows with the absurdly rich (as long as you are willing to pay the price; ie. one vodka and Sprite in a short tumbler was SG$21.15).

Inside Ku De Ta it is buzzing with activity from highly efficient wait staff to cosmetically enhanced holidaymakers. Mixed in with us regular tourists, who are as avidly watching other patrons as we are taking in the million-dollar view, are the financially elite and socially ambitious. The most common examples of this are the older men who accompany younger women and treat them as accessories and not companions. The men are always impeccably dressed (I comment here on their clothes and not their women accessories) and walk about with an air of dignity that only profound wealth can procure. The women (who I am almost positive are somewhere under all that fake tan or skin bleaching and makeup) are always exceptionally beautiful, although whether this is natural or surgically altered I can only guess.

After basking in this amalgamation of chaos and serenity for a while, I headed back down 57 floors to explore The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. There were restaurants, cafes, bars and stores selling jewelry, clothes and electronics. I’m sure you’d be able to find anything you desired within these walls. Despite the lack of space in my backpack, I still spent a long time wandering around the mall and pretending I could buy it all. But most of The Shoppes’ stores are luxury brands that I probably couldn’t afford anyway.

As I exited Marina Bay Sands, I was still amazed at the unique design of the hotel and casino combo. Who would ever think to put a massive ship atop three pillars. How did they get it up there and why doesn’t it fall down? Did I mention that there’s an infinity pool up top as well?

In the late afternoon’s sweltering heat and humidity, I continued across the helix bridge, past the Singapore Flyer and Merlion and along the Marina promenade. Whether at ground level or floating among the clouds, this area of Singapore is truly impressive and a testament to man’s continual quest to go big or go home.

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