Goodbye New Zealand

At last, the day I’ve been looking forward to and trying not to think about has arrived. I realize how contradictory that sounds, but both feelings have swirled around within me for a while. It’s my very last day in New Zealand. Can you believe it? Time just seems to have flown by.

Thinking back on all that I’ve done, I’ve gotta admit that I had a really incredible time here. I did things and saw places that just blew me away. I met people from all around the world. In New Zealand, I truly lived.

Here are some of my favorite New Zealand memories:

1. Petting a live kiwi at the Native Bird Recovery Centre

2. Bungy jumping in Queenstown

3. Freefalling over Lake Taupo

4. All the great friends I’ve made in Rotorua

5. Crawling and climbing around in the dark at Waitomo Caves

But in order for the adventure to continue, this part of the journey has to end. It’s bittersweet but exciting at the same time. My mom and I flew out of Auckland on the same day. She returned home to Hawaii while I continued my trip around the world.

Singapore, here I come.

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2 responses to “Goodbye New Zealand

  1. Kris

    I really enjoyed your posts on New Zealand. You had many adventures. Hope you have as much fun in Singapore. Tell us about the customs and laws. Heard public spitting was illegal among other things. Have a good trip!

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