Sparkling Bethells Beach

Getting to Bethells Beach was quite the adventure as the road seemed to twist and turn and became smaller and smaller. As we left the main road behind, the signs directing us to the beach became less clear. At some point, the only signs I could find were handmade by other beachgoers. When the road became narrow and led us through a residential area, I began to doubt the signs. However, we pushed on and in the end we found it.

Bethells Beach, or Te Henga, is located on the northwestern coast of the North Island about 30 kilometers away from Auckland. It’s a popular beach used by city dwellers who want to escape from the concrete jungle. It’s one of the many surf spots in the area, although people also go there for parasailing and hang gliding. The sand is dark, but there are tiny grains mixed into it that sparkle like diamonds. As you walk from the parking area to the beach, your footsteps make squeaking noises because of the friction against the sand.

The beach was empty when we arrived despite the fact that there were several cars parked in the lot. I assumed that most visitors would be local and that they’d probably be out surfing. As we didn’t have much time to linger, my mom and I quickly explored the beachfront and had to get going. I would love to spend more time in the area because the geological formations combined with the isolation made me feel like I was on another planet. It was beautiful.

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