Cape Reinga – Wind off the Water

Today’s weather was perfect for a road trip to Cape Reinga. The sun was out and the skies were blue. I’m sure many of you are getting sick and tired of hearing about it, but it’s a fact. The weather treated us like a long-lost friend and only gave us the best of the best. So, with the windows down and the music turned up, my mom and I began our three-hour drive.

I was absolutely amazed to see all the beautiful land around us as we traveled north. Apparently these are the things I missed on my first cold and wet trip to the Cape. Back then, the weather had been atrocious. Thick rain clouds and fog prevented us from seeing much of the surrounding landscape. Who knew that out there amidst the greyness were beautiful rolling green hills?

The way the land met the ocean reminded me of the Big Island of Hawaii. The strong breeze that whipped us back and forth muffled the sound of crashing waves pounding against the sand and rocks below. Some gusts were incredibly strong, and I can only imagine what it’d do to you if they caught you off guard. I noticed some older people having a bit of difficulty with their footing as the wind batted them to and fro. I guess for once in my life I’m thankful for having a bit of extra heft to me.

Last time I was here, I thought Cape Reinga was pretty lonely. It’s physical location is far from towns, and the legend about it being the jumping point for souls entering the afterlife only seemed to add to its solitary nature. But today, with the sun above us and its light glinting on the water, the place was cheerful and alive. It was even welcoming.

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  1. Aunty Sanj

    Having just returned from the Big Island, it does remind you of South Point. This time we took a nostalgic ride halfway up the mountain and were able to see all of Na’alehu town laid out below along with the beautiful coastline.

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