Nightfall in Paihia

We made it to Paihia and the Bay of Islands after the long drive from Auckland and a brief stop in Whangarei. Even though I’d been up here before, the drive and the scenery was still impressive. I loved how the city literally faded away to reveal rolling green hills and farms.

Everything seemed so idyllic out here, like a scene from a movie. It’s not surprising that New Zealand serves as a backdrop in so many films and stands in for other locations around the world. The place is simply gorgeous, and that’s that.

After my mom and I checked into our motel, we took a quick walk around town as the evening approached. Clouds and the setting sun created a moody atmosphere on the water’s edge. Deep blues and purples cast shadows on the bay, but it didn’t feel gloomy. Instead, Paihia was a world of mystery with so many secrets to uncover.

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