The Observatory: Dining among the Stars

On our last night in Auckland before heading north, my mom and I decided to splurge a bit and had dinner at The Observatory in Sky City. The dinner buffet included a large choice of dishes so we were both able to enjoy a few favorites. And, the atmosphere of the place made me feel as though we were dining amidst the stars.

We arrived early and sat near the window, which gave us a wonderful view of the city and the setting sun. It was great to celebrate our time in New Zealand with a nice meal. I’d been traveling for so long and existing solely on pasta, sandwiches and other easy-to-transport, easy-to-make cuisine that real food had become a novelty.

The Observatory’s spread included lamb shank, roast beef with gravy, honeyed ham, battered fish and seafood, garlic bread, soups, salads and desserts. They all hit the spot . . . more than once in fact.

We ate to our hearts’ and stomachs’ content, and then we went back for more. I’m sure there’s a secret to eating at buffets that includes pacing or scoping out all the dishes before loading up your plate, but none of them crossed my mind. I went with the simple strategy of the more the merrier and that seemed to work quite well.

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