Game On: Kiwis vs. Kangaroos

Living in New Zealand during the 2011 Rugby World Cup gave me an appreciation for a game that is barely in the consciousness of most Americans. The hype and fervor surrounding the matches were incredible, and the fans were insane, especially when the All Blacks played. Now, many months later, I finally got a chance to see the boys (Kiwis) in action.

It was a last-minute decision to go, but in the end, it was a great decision. Marilyn was meeting her friends at Eden Park and invited my mom and I to join them. Even though my mom isn’t the biggest sports fan, I dragged her along with us. This is a true Kiwi experience that she wasn’t going to miss on my watch. (I’d already tried to get her to skydive and bungy jump but that failed miserably.) What could be more representative of life in New Zealand than a game between the All Blacks Kiwis and Kangaroos?

We caught the bus to the stadium and were instantly surrounded by All Blacks Kiwi fans. People carried huge signs and dressed, of course, in black. There was the occasional Kangaroo supporter, but they were few and far between. Once we arrived and bought our tickets, we entered Eden Park and the craziness began. It was great! At last the Aussie supporters could join their kin in the stands, but they were still outnumbered by the rambunctious Kiwis.

I had an excellent time at the game, cheering and booing along with the crowd. I still didn’t know what was happening as far as strategy and penalties, even after being in New Zealand for so long. But, I guess you don’t really need to understand everything to throw yourself into the action and enjoy it. Go All Blacks!

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4 responses to “Game On: Kiwis vs. Kangaroos

  1. Regan

    errr there are a couple of problems I see here, the photos are of the Kiwis and Kangaroo’s game, not the All Blacks but, Most if not all New Zealanders support the Kiwis just as much as the All Blacks. Glad you and your friends enjoyed it so much though! Go Black!

  2. Thanks for the correction. Didn’t realize they were two different teams. Will amend the post and title. Let me know if any other mistakes pop up 🙂

  3. Aunty Sanj

    Did the Kiwis do the haka? My godson plays rugby in FL and loves it.

  4. Of course. It’s not a rugby match without the haka, which I’m proud to say I learned the words to prior to my arrival. Should’ve also learned their national anthem but didn’t.

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