Portofino at the Viaduct

My mom and I met up with Marilyn for dinner one night since we were back in town. She joined us after finishing work, and together we headed for the Viaduct’s multitude of restaurants. Despite living in the city for several months, Marilyn hadn’t tried any of the places yet.

After perusing the menus and eyeballing the atmosphere within several restaurants, we ended up at Portofino, an Italian place near the water. Maybe it’s just a coincidence, the fact that I genuinely do love Italian food or our history at Nuvolari, but Marilyn and I always find ourselves dining at Italian establishments. However, this could be a good thing because they haven’t disappointed me yet.

Tonight I ordered the lasagna while Marilyn had the salmon, egg and rocket pizza. My mom chose risotto di pescatoro. All the dishes looked and tasted delicious. They were served in large portions as well, which is good considering the dishes were definitely overpriced. But I suppose you’re not simply paying for the food. You’re also paying for the ambiance and location too.

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