Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove

Today it’s onward and northward to Whitianga and the Coromandel Peninsula. After a long drive, we spent a while searching for a hostel that passed my mom’s rigorous specifications and suited my budgetary demands. When we finally found a place to stay, it was late afternoon and we weren’t able to do much sightseeing. We decided to visit Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove the next morning.

We woke early and backtracked to Hot Water Beach to experience the much talked about phenomenon. People come from miles around with spades, shovels and/or buckets in hand and spend the two hours before and after low tide digging their own personal hot tubs. When you dig holes in the sand during this time, underground springs of extremely hot water bubble up toward the surface. You can literally get into them and soak to your heart’s content.

Next, we headed over to Cathedral Cove and found spectacular views of the ocean and cliffs. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of time and couldn’t really do the hike down to the beach to get the full impact of the area’s beauty. I would’ve loved to stay awhile to fully experience it, but I guess this just means I’ll have to return one day.

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