Return to Rotorua and the Redwoods

After a few incredible days at Mount Maunganui, we headed to Rotorua so I could show my mom where I’d lived for the past seven months. First, we stopped at Whakarewarewa or the Redwood Forest. We followed the blue track around on a leisurely hour stroll. There sure did seem to be a lot of tourist groups at the time.

Next, we took a drive around the surrounding area and I think we managed to find the Blue and Green Lakes. I’d never been out there before as I’d never had a car while I was living in the area. Despite the weather being a bit overcast, the nature around Rotorua was still amazing.

After a while, we headed into Rotorua and that famous Rotorua smell hit our noses immediately. That volcanic sulfur smelled a lot like rotten eggs, and ironically, it could’ve brought tears to my eyes . . . and not because of the stench. I missed this place. I really did.

I took mom to Nuvolari and introduced her to a bunch of my old colleagues. It was so great to see them. Next, we headed over to Crank Backpackers, where we checked into my old room. I’d spent a good four months or so in this exact room when I was working as a housekeeper. Now they’d moved the housekeepers to a different room and opened up the old one to guests. It was like déjà vu!

I was really glad to be back in Rotorua, my home away from home. It was nice to be in a town and know where everything was located. No driving aimlessly around or finding myself on one-way streets. No stressing about where to stay for the night. Everything was familiar; everything was perfect.

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